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Jim Fowler founded Energy Audits of Alaska, an Alaskan Corporation, to perform commercial energy audits in Alaska.  A year later he started Global Energy Audits to perform the same work in the lower 48 states.

Both companies perform benchmarking and ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 and Investment Grade Energy Audits on commercial, industrial and municipal buildings.  This is all we do. We’re not contractors, we don’t sell equipment or software and we’re not looking for an ESCO contract.

This singular focus allows us to minimize your utility costssave you the most energy and optimize your building management - for both the short and long term.

An energy audit is an essential step in reducing the energy costs and energy consumption of a building.  If you’re a private building owner, that means more money in your pocket.  If you’re a municipal building owner, it means more of your budget goes toward your mission rather than into your buildings, and if you’re a building manager, it translates to increased earnings for your client.

Whether it’s a manufacturing facility, a school on Alaska’s north slope, a hockey rink, a warehouse. a mixed use commercial building, multi-unit dwelling, hotel or a municipal transit maintenance facility, we have the depth and breadth to evaluate, analyze and recommend ways to reduce your energy consumption and your operating costs.

As a building operator or owner, in today’s financial environment, your highest return on operating or investment capital is energy cost reduction.  Where else can you get a 10%-50% annual return?  As a municipal building owner we help you turn capital allocations into operating cash.

We look forward to hearing from you and identifying ways to save you money and make the world a greener place!





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